Paging, Bells, and Clocks: Synchronized Solutions for Educational Facilities

Paging, Bells, and Clocks: Synchronized Solutions for Educational Facilities

In a school community, each day is driven by the clock and bell schedule. That schedule can shift each day with special schedules, early dismissals, and other events. That’s why at Eastern DataComm, we provide comprehensive solutions for educational facilities to enhance daily communications and keep the daily routines your school depends on in sync. Synchronizing your clocks and your bell schedule allows your school to effectively communicate the calendar of events for the day, while also ensuring that you can communicate with teachers, students, and 911 in an emergency.

Today, we’re sharing four common challenges schools and districts face when it comes to their paging, bells, and clocks systems, and how Eastern DataComm can help with school safety.

Challenge 1: Confusion Arises When Bells and Clocks Are Not Properly Synchronized

A change in the schedule on a particular day doesn’t need to leave your school community confused about when a bell might ring. But often, when bells and clocks are not synchronized or when adjustments occur, this problem becomes more common than it should be.

Synchronizing your bells and clocks is especially essential when your district or school campus includes multiple buildings and specialty areas like gyms and libraries.

A lack of campus-wide synchronization can also impact things like early dismissals for students with appointments as well as the timing of vital medications for students with health needs that require a visit to the nurse’s office at a specific time each day.

With all of these unique circumstances at play, Eastern DataComm is here to help you keep your school community moving through their days smoothly. The solutions we offer are designed to keep your clocks in sync and help you maintain accurate time and make adjustments with ease.

The solutions we offer our customers include:

Paging and Intercoms

The intercom and paging system is a significant factor in the daily communications of your school, so it’s important to ensure that the school is equipped with a system that guarantees smooth and clear communication for your faculty, staff, and students.

Bell Scheduling

Our team implements a bell controller that gives you complete and total control over the school day, improving the ease of use over the complicated traditional analog bell systems.


Our wireless clocks operate as individual repeaters, ensuring that each clock is in sync with your clock controller. You can automatically adjust for daylight savings, removing the potential for any errors related to this shift as well.

Lockdown and Emergency Notification Systems

You can initiate and announce a lockdown sequence quickly and effectively with our lockdown and emergency notification system and continuous monitoring service, LENS + OPTICS. This solution is customizable and can integrate with some of your existing technology.

Customized Alerts

Keep communication flowing with customized alerts to teachers, students, and the proper authorities. Our notification system provides for this streamlined relay of information so that whether you are making a one-time change to the schedule or reaching the authorities regarding an active threat, you can do so swiftly and effectively.

Challenge 2: It’s Hard to Hear Clearly on Aging Intercom and Paging Systems

Out-of-date or aging communication technology solutions can create a flurry of muffled voices and background noises. These issues can make announcements and pages difficult to understand and are simply unacceptable, especially in urgent or emergency situations. You don’t have to settle for inconsistent performance when what you really need is crystal-clear paging and intercom exchanges.

From the typical, “Mrs. Jones to Room 122…” to the more critical emergency messages related to fire drills, evacuations, and active shooter events or lockdowns, you deserve to know your systems are working consistently and efficiently for maximum school safety.

That’s why at Eastern DataComm, our paging and intercom systems provide clear audio for effortless communication.

Outdated Systems Cost More and Take More Effort to Repair

If your current system requires manual adjustment for things like special schedules, assemblies, or daylight savings, you and your staff are wasting valuable time. And, if your current bell system is not up to date with the latest technology, repairs may grow even more difficult and costly as time goes on.

Whether it’s finding replacement parts that are no longer commonly used or contacting an electrician who can effectively address the issue, the effort needed to keep up with an out-of-date system can really add up extra costs quickly.

At Eastern DataComm, we take the hassle out of your communications solutions by providing you with the most up-to-date systems on the market today. By working with our team, you’ll have everything you need to keep your school day running smoothly.

Challenge 3: Aging Bells, Clocks, Intercom, and Paging Systems Can Negatively Impact School Safety and Security

In situations where every moment is pivotal, you shouldn’t have to depend on aging systems that might not deliver messages with clarity, sync with your other systems, or properly guide your students, staff, and visitors.

From severe weather evacuations to lockdowns to intruder alerts, and even urgent parent pick-ups, schools experience many situations that require quick reactions and efficient communication. As the most pressing concern, aging systems can lead to lagging response times or no response at all.

Even routine drills can become more challenging if your bells, clocks, and paging systems are too out of sync or out-of-date to properly communicate messages.

Eastern DataComm specializes in integrating our clients’ paging, bells, and clocks with emergency notifications systems, our LENS + OPTICS, as well as additional technology systems that improve safety throughout your school community like video surveillance and access control systems.

This comprehensive approach to school safety ensures that your school campus or district-wide technology is working to protect your students, faculty, staff, and visitors at all times.

Right-Fit Technology Essentials: What You Need from Your Paging, Bells, and Clocks

When it comes to your paging, bells, and clocks, we know that no solution is one-size-fits-all. When you collaborate with Eastern DataComm, we take the time to connect with you on your current needs, diagnose your potential issues, and move through a cooperative consultation process that customizes your solutions to your unique challenges as well as your safety and communications vulnerabilities.

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