Ten 2023–2024 Funding Opportunities & Educational Resources for School Safety & Communications Technologies

Ten 2023–2024 Funding Opportunities & Educational Resources for School Safety & Communications Technologies

Schools across the country are well aware of the ever-growing need to enhance safety on their campuses to keep their communities connected and protected. And while the pressing need to update or augment systems is obvious for many, one of the biggest obstacles school leaders face is sourcing funding for those improvements. In this post, our Eastern DataComm team revisits a topic we explored earlier this year where we shared opportunities for school safety funding across the Northeast. Leveraging grants and available funding for school safety and communications technologies can allow for improvements to systems in a stepwise fashion that allows schools to increase protection without breaking the bank. We invite you to explore the options that are available in your region. As always, reach out to our team with any questions you may have about the process of keeping your school or district connected and protected. Because when it comes to school safety, we’re all in this together!

National and Federal School Safety and Communications Funding Opportunities

The National Grant Finder Tool

This federal search allows those just beginning their funding efforts to pursue a variety of potential grant opportunities. Users can narrow their focus by the type of funding they’re looking for. As an added benefit, you can also gain insight as to the difficulty or time commitment required for the application process. Simply put, this is a great place to start! Learn More Here

The Federal Grant Forecast

As you begin your search, you may want to explore the Federal Grant Forecast, where the U.S. government shares all the programs and competitive opportunities for schools and districts to receive federal funding and grants. It’s updated annually, so we encourage you to check back regularly for updates. Learn More Here

OESE School Infrastructure Program

The government’s School Infrastructure Program (SIP) is designed to provide funding that improves public school facilities for all students and includes funding that can help schools and districts ensure the safety of their learning environments. Learn More Here

FEMA’s Preparedness Grants

FEMA is probably not your first thought when it comes to school safety and communications. However, their Preparedness Grants can, in certain circumstances, be used for school-hardening efforts. These efforts may include notification systems that reach 911 immediately, devices that offer real-time intelligence to law enforcement, and other measures that significantly enhance the school’s physical security. So, if those items are on your list, explore these grants as you evaluate potential funding sources. Learn More Here

The CISA.GOV Cybersecurity Grant Program

As with the opportunity above, it may not be the first thing school officials consider when it comes to creating a safer school community, however, cybersecurity is vital. In fact, having a secured digital infrastructure is foundational to all safety and communications technology solutions. Cybersecurity is a foundational element of daily operations for schools and districts, especially in our ever-evolving digitally connected world. This grant program provides for potential means of funding enhanced cybersecurity for schools and districts. Learn More Here

CISA.GOV Cybersecurity Grant Program

New Jersey Funding Opportunities for School Safety and Communications Enhancement

The Stronger Connections Grant

The Safer Communities Act was established to provide for safe and supportive learning environments for students and, in some circumstances, relevant funding can be used to enhance the communications and security infrastructure of New Jersey Public Schools. Learn More Here

Opportunities for Non-Public Schools

Even if your school community is not part of the public school system, there are still grant and funding opportunities available to you in the State of New Jersey. These funding pathways include provisions for equipment, technology, and services related to keeping non-public school students safe on your campus. Learn More Here

New York State Technology and Security Funding

According to reporting from earlier this year, New York State will provide millions of dollars for school security enhancements through the Smart Schools Bond Act. This process includes high-tech security enhancements for districts across the state. Learn More Here

Pennsylvania Funding Opportunities for School Safety

Pennsylvania offers Safe Schools Targeted Grants that provide funding for items that include security-related technology from protective lighting to video surveillance to emergency communications technologies. Plus, this funding has other applications, including prevention programming that schools may also find beneficial for fully outfitting their school safety ecosystem. Learn More HereDownload PDF

Connecticut’s School Security Grant Program

Connecticut offers its School Security and Multimedia School Security Grant Programs to help fund investments in school safety. These investments, according to the grant’s website, can include “system(s) that integrate existing cameras, radios, panic buttons, etc. for transmission over internet protocol to first responders and/or their call centers. The goal is to make communications and information sharing between first responders and schools as quick and seamless as possible.” This may make it the perfect opportunity for schools who are interested in implementing a system like our LENS + OPTICS solution for lockdown and emergency notification and continuous system monitoring. While applications are closed for the 2023 school year, the program is competitive. So, be sure that you review all application procedures carefully as you consider applying for the upcoming academic year. Learn More Here

Maryland’s School Safety Grants

Maryland’s statewide school safety grants can be used to cover equipment, delivery, and installation costs for things like visitor management systems, radios, cameras, and related software. While the grants can’t be used for door entry and locking upgrades, there are a myriad of other potential applications that can help you to upgrade the way you keep your school community connected and protected. Learn More Here

Virginia’s Security Equipment Grant

The State of Virginia has grant funding available that schools can use for buying security equipment and fixtures. Such investments include security cameras (video surveillance equipment) and enhancements that improve threat detection as well as communications during real-time emergencies. Learn More Here

The Bottom Line When It Comes to Funding Your Emergency and Communications Technology Solutions

While these grants provide just a sampling of the potential funding opportunities you can access when you’re enhancing your school safety ecosystem, we hope they give you a place to start as you begin your search. And of course, if you have any questions as you get the process rolling, we’re here to help!

Our Team Can Help Your School Stay Connected and Protected

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