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How Contact Centers Support Evolving Goals and Priorities in Healthcare

As healthcare providers become more patient-centric, there is an increasing need for solutions that enable these organizations to treat patients more like customers. Just as consumers have increased expectations for customer service, responsiveness and communication, patients have similar expectations for the quality and delivery of care, communication with health professionals, finding answers to health-related questions, […]

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How to Maximize the Benefits of Mobile Devices in Healthcare

Research firm IDC just published its Semiannual Mobility Spending Guide, showing continued strong investments in mobile devices, applications and services. The healthcare industry is leading the way in mobile, with projected spending that’s more than twice the overall average. In healthcare, mobile devices are being used to improve both operational efficiency and the quality and […]

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Why Medical Practices Should Embrace Unified Communications

Technological advances have shined new light on the critical role of effective communication in medical practices. Better communication can dramatically improve the quality and frequency of patient engagement, which can lead to better outcomes. By simplifying collaboration and making data more accessible, medical practices can save time and reduce errors, resulting in greater operational efficiency. […]

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