Our Approach: How Eastern DataComm Is Transforming The Way Our Customers Leverage Safety And Communications Technology

Our Approach: How Eastern DataComm Is Transforming The Way Our Customers Leverage Safety And Communications Technology

Eastern DataComm provides schools, businesses, and municipalities nationwide with end-to-end solutions that are the right fit for their ever-evolving safety and communications needs.

We have over 30 years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining safety and communications solutions for hundreds of our customers in the education, government, and business sectors.

Whether you’re exploring:

Eastern DataComm has the expertise to help keep your community connected and protected.

But what truly sets us apart from others in our field is our comprehensive diagnostic, collaborative, and consultative approach to safety and communications solutions.

More Than A Vendor: A Partner That Tailors Your Safety And Communications Solutions

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Guide for Preventing and Protecting Against Gun Violence notes that each school building and its population is unique and the solutions selected to address the safety need of each environment should reflect this.

And at Eastern DataComm, we’ve been designing and adapting our clients’ school safety systems and mass notification systems to serve those unique needs for over three decades.

Our many years of experience have shown us that designing and implementing safety and communications technology is never a one-size-fits-all process. To find success and greater security for your school district, business, or municipality, you need more than a technology vendor. You need a true partner. That’s exactly the commitment our team has made to each and every one of our customers.

Right from our initial consultation and onward, we take the time to connect with you – unearthing and fully understanding the challenges and pain points that you face when tasked with safeguarding your community. We endeavor to get to know your district’s unique strengths and areas of need. This consultative, diagnostic approach allows us to define specific solutions that will work best for you and your goals.

Collaborative, Comprehensive Safety And Communications Solutions

One key part of our consultative and diagnostic approach is connecting with you to move through a comprehensive Safety and Communications Audit. As part of this process, we ask questions about your school environment, current technology, and what you need your safety and security solutions to achieve for you. Most importantly, we listen. Paying careful attention to the details our customers provide enhances our ability to deliver

We explore potential improvements you could make to enhance your safety, communications, and physical security technology for your school district, business, or municipality. We look to define what changes can be made to improve how you keep your community connected and protected.

As we move through the audit, we look to uncover areas where you could enhance your current safety and communications hardware or equipment to improve functionality and ease of use. In cases where your current technology is defunct, inefficient, or not designed for user-friendliness, we are happy to draw upon our years of experience and expertise to recommend alternatives as upgrades or replacements to improve your safety and communication practices. What is central to our process is ensuring that we provide you with the information and education you need on safety and communications technology options to make the most informed decision to safeguard your community. If we find that you’re following all recommended best practices in a particular area, we highlight that finding as part of our audit report and conversation to follow, commending your efforts and commitment to ensuring the safety of your community. We will continue to provide you with the latest education and informational resources to support your current and future decision-making processes for selecting the right-fit solutions as your safety needs evolve and so too does the landscape of technological options.

And while our consultative and diagnostic process is comprehensive, the one thing you won’t find in the process is a batch of cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all technology “packages”.

Our clarity, support, transparency, and personalization are just some of the reasons our clients trust us with their safety and communications technology solutions.

What Our Clients Say About Collaborating With EDC

“It really is the total package. They have the right equipment. They have a great team, each with their own area of expertise. They say they’re going to do something in a certain amount of time, and they do it within that time. Whenever we have had a problem, even if it isn’t their responsibility, they have helped us. I would highly recommend Eastern DataComm.” – Executive Director, St. Joseph’s School for the Blind

Connect With Our Team To Put The Eastern DataComm Approach To Work For You

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