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Honored With Mitel’s Education Partner Of The Year Award

Mitel’s Education Partner of the Year 2021

Eastern DataComm is proud to announce that we’ve been named Mitel’s Education Partner of the Year! Mitel, a global leader in business communications with users in over 100 countries, helps businesses and service providers connect and provide innovative services to their customers. Each year, Mitel recognizes the organizations that are leading the way with their […]

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How Communication and Automation Improve School and Office Safety

Tragedies involving violence at our schools and places of work have made safety a top-of-mind issue across the country. Many states, counties and municipalities have passed or are considering legislation that mandates increased security measures and greater cooperation between schools, law enforcement and the community at large. Public- and private-sector organizations are dedicating budget dollars […]

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Critical Pieces of a School Emergency Notification System

Multiple modes of communication is the first critical piece when implementing a school emergency notification system. In an emergency situation, seconds count. Panic and confusion are deadly. Everyone in danger must be alerted as quickly as possible, and advised whether to lockdown, shelter in place or evacuate. Study Shows Importance of Multiple Modes of Communication […]

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The Role of Technology in K-12 School Safety

Years ago, K-12 students had fire drills and “say no to drugs” programs. Some school districts also had students practice using emergency exits on buses. Today, there are lockdown drills to protect students against shooters and terrorists. There are extensive programs about bullying, sexual assault and weapons. Although serious violence is relatively rare, most schools […]

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Technology Upgrades to Help Schools from “Falling Back”

It is now the end of Daylight Savings Time and schools need to set all of their clocks to “fall back.” While most of us are trying to get accustomed to the time change, a complex routine is playing out in many schools across the country. IT administrators must go through the painstaking task of […]

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Helping School Administrators Stay Connected on the Go

K-12 and higher education school administrators have become just as mobile as the learning environments in their schools. Administrators are constantly visiting classrooms and buildings, meeting with parents and teachers, attending professional development workshops, and collaborating with fellow education professionals. Administration is no more tied to a desk than a child’s education is. And like […]

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Paying for Technology—4 Ways Schools Can Upgrade on a Tight Budget

We work with a lot of school districts and one challenge that almost always comes up is how can the school afford a technology upgrade? Unfortunately many of these purchases are rather expensive: upgrading the data network, upgrading and increasing the wireless network, replacing a legacy business phone system, etc. To make matters worse, schools […]

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